EXTREME 66 in cooperation with THE SIM GUIDE

EXTREME 66 in cooperation with THE SIM GUIDE

Dear ladies and gentlemen, pilots and aviation lovers! I am very excited about succesfuly completing my B737 renewal and ATPL skilltest  and I would like to share this awesome training experience that I recently had in London. 

This year for a change I decided to follow a recomendation of my very experienced friend captain Kevin Medcroft and I signed up for the exam in London. That's how I met captain instructor and type rating examiner David Mathers and THE SIM GUIDE!

"Being mentally prepared with confidence and knowledge is over half way to success, so let me join you on the journey and share with you the knowledge that I have gained from teaching hundreds and checking pilots of all abilities for over 25 years." says David.

I think it is my duty to introduce you to David and to his youtube channel 737 Sim Guide, that I fell in love with and I 100 % recommend to every pilot flying an airliner.

This channel is designed to help everybody from enthusiasts to experienced pilots to achieve their very best performance in the simulator.
With the use of free videos, tutorials on malfunctions from inside the Boeing 737 simulator and step by step guidance, it prepares you to perform at your best for recurrent checks, assessments or interviews or just to maintain your skills to the highest standard.
Although this is filmed from the 737, many of the core principles can be used for all types.

For most pilots the simulator can be a nervous experience visited once every 6 months. I personally experienced in my career several exams and interviews that left me with the feeling that the flight simulators are basically devices for pilot torture and humiliation.

After this awesome learning experience with David, I am very excited to my next check and look forward to learn even more from his wide experience! 

Take advantage of this extremely professional opportunity and sign up with EXTREME 66 or contact directly THE SIM GUIDE!




Check out full photogallery from EXTREME 66 trip to London here!

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