FLY GRAN CANARIA & EXTREME 66 coaching available

FLY GRAN CANARIA & EXTREME 66 coaching available

Too much freefall is not enough...! FLY GRAN CANARIA is the first and the only indoor skydiving wind tunnel in the Canary Islands. Over the weekend EXTREME 66 was honoured to test fly the brand-new machine. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED EXPERIENCE! A bonus of flying with us: a freefall kiss from extreme athlete Rosina ;)

Passionate flyers are running this wind tunnel as a family business. Their love and passion for the sky sport makes this an absolute must do, you will feel like you are in real heaven. These days FLY GRAN CANARIA is one of the very few freefall open opportunities, corona free environment is supported by special masks for flying. Put this wind tunnel on your freefall bucket list and come fly with EXTREME 66 as soon as possible!

Would you like to share the incredible experience of flying with your family, friends or co-workers? With FLY GRAN CANARIA and EXTREME 66 you will be able to share the experience of flying with whomever you want. No previous experience or equipment is necessary. We provide you with everything you need to make sure you enjoy the experience and, completely safe.



2 flights 49 EUR                   10 minutes 166 EUR
4 flights 89 EUR                   15 minutes 216 EUR     
6 flights 129 EUR                 20 minutes 266 EUR

Coaching and equipment included.

A bonus for flying with EXTREME 66: a freefall kiss!

At the end of your flying session you will get a certificate with achievements. 



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Contact Us

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phone: +34 666 262 917

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